Your Power Animal and How to Find It.

Ever notice how everything in life always gravitates toward animals? From stuffed animals, clothing, movies, masks and costumes, gifts, tattoos, cartoon characters, mascots, our beloved pets, and the list goes on. Animals and Nature are our guides to assist us with our journey in this life, and after. There is an important spiritual relationship with a healing spirit that unveils itself to you in the form of an animal. These guides provide us with protection, assurance, power, support, and even humor. Power animals can appear to you during meditation, dreams, visualization, or Shamanic Journeying (which I call Shaman Meditation).

Some people find they have a specific primary power animal or more throughout life. Others like myself find many on my spiritual journeys, so much so, that I keep a journal of them and seek to see the message in which they send. But the commonality in most Shamanic practitioners is a consistent one who always seems to appear on a regular basis when journeying. This is a wonderful connection to develop in your life and apply.

When your power animal appears, understand this has been shown to help guide and protect you. We may get answers to questions we have, or just the comfort in knowing we are never alone. These are helping spirits in the form of an animal that express something powerful that lies in ourselves. They can travel with us, provide us with information we seek, and protect us. Power animals want to help us in our time of need and bring us their specific power, without it, we might stumble through life. The moment your spirit healer arrives is a wonderful time of regaining your power, and restoring yourself. Once you learn to journey, you will get information from your power animal as to why they are there and apply it to your life.

After being shown your power animal, you may feel inspired to create something after the visits. Show your appreciation to the Spirit Guides by acknowledging its presence, and give thanks to it. This is not a one- way connection, so giving back is a vital part in growing spiritually. When you have a conscious relationship with your power animal, that is showing that you are aware of its’ presence, and are actively participating by giving and receiving.

If you are confused on how to reciprocate, just ask your animal guide on how to give back, and you can find ways to reciprocate and honor your Power Animal that resonates. You might draw a picture of your guide, photograph places in nature it would love, eat foods your power animal likes, write a song about it, or just say out loud how thankful you are to have such beautiful reassurances in life shown to you.

For me, as a Shamanic practitioner it is a form of God, or Source, that I take very seriously and gives me great comfort. God is in all of us, in perfect nature, and in all creatures, and I see this as God’s way of extending itself to aid me in this life, and what an amazing gift we can all experience if we just keep ourselves open to receiving it!

Once you become more aware of what a power animal’s purpose is for you, you can call upon it in times of need as well. If my anxiety decides to make itself known then I immediately call upon Moose to show me how to get a grip already and not succumb to fear. The Moose inspires me by showing how to stay strong and graceful, even though I might feel downright clumsy and strange to others.

My Moose guide gives me confidence to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and set new ones. I am proud of all my achievements and will not stop until I get them done. The Moose was born into the world with eyes open, and therefore is aware right from the start. It is important for me to share this awareness with others.

When you start to be comfortable with such a gift, then you see the importance to apply in daily life with our physical sense. There becomes meaning in every little being that crosses your path. That Spider you once were so petrified of, doesn’t seem as scary, because now you see the significance in its’ existence. I’m not saying go hug a brown recluse, but I would say do not be so quick to kill or have a panic attack over those that have an important mission in life.

These complex creatures we are around, become a way for you to see how wondrous life is, and how repulsive it is for those that abuse it. The more you learn about the role that your power guide shows you, the more sensitive you will become regarding all animals, plants, people, and the Universal connection we have with everything.

As our life is shifted by the tides of our world, connect to your inner spirit for guidance, and the map that we hold reflects the universe we are a part of. When we look inward we become connected and spiritually heightened, but without that awareness, one cannot see or work with Spirit. I encourage everyone to take time to practice looking inward to your inner spirit, so that you can discover in the larger picture of life, the power and positivity that lies in yourself.


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