We Take so Much from Nature, Let’s Give Back.

The natural world is our bible. We don’t have chapters and verses; we have trees and fish and animals. The creation is the manifestation of energy through matter. Because the universe is made up of manifestations of energy, the options for that manifestation are infinite. But we have to admit that the way it has manifested itself is organized. In fact, it is the most intricate organization. We can’t know how we impact on its law; we can talk only about how its law impacts upon us. We can make no judgment about nature. (John Mohawk)

It is our obligation to hear Nature as we would a symphony, read her like a sacred book, touch her like a delicate flower, and feel her with all our heart because we are a part of Her.

Spending so much time in Nature and Meditation I can’t help but be lead to the more existential questions life poses upon me.

If everyone participated in meditation, especially with Nature, could we actually achieve world peace, love unconditionally, tap into the deepest of our intuition, and unlock all the mysteries of living by solving the problems or conflict in the world?

Because we are sentient beings who have been given the gift of free will and the capacity to achieve a higher consciousness, we need to utilize this powerful force not only to calm our chaotic minds, but to ultimately unlock the hidden secrets of our truth.

Meditation with Nature enables us to connect to our higher-self and unveil the healing powers of our soul. Nature is our guide using meditation, to show us our pure essence and the spirit or spirits that are always here to help guide us.

Meditation brings about awareness, and awareness of ourselves is one thing, but to expand that so that we understand other living being, including the planet, is the key. We have so many things in common with living beings, and if we were able to tap in to our awareness and practice compassion, then we could eliminate greed and selfishness. Our eyes would no longer envy expensive shoes, cars, or superficial material things, we would long to express and be a part of love.

Being in Nature and meditating opens clarity for our actions, feelings, and emotions. The stress and tension in our bodies can be eradicated, and the negative thoughts that bombard us can be defeated.
By taking this step in staying connect with Source, we are able to give more to other beings without judgement, knowing that our intentions are pure, and that is all we can really ask for in this life, is to try and stay as pure of heart as we can.

Could destruction and crime be eliminated too?

“Researchers found that crime could be lowered if less than 1% of the population meditated. A town in England where Transcendental Meditation was taught and practiced was studied for their relative crime rate to those who meditated.
Over a five year period, the crime rate went from being the third highest to the lowest of the eleven metropolitan areas studied. If we can reduce crime through meditation, perhaps world peace is within our reach.
The fact that we have this potential power is incredible.

These changes have also been measured during other group gatherings; during a silent prayer, full moon ceremonies, sacred sites in Egypt, and a prayer vigil. The researchers say that “Meditation involving a large number of people worldwide practicing an assortment of types of envisioning, prayer and meditations at the same time reached significance.” ( Power of Positivity)

Meditation can help us learn what our higher purpose is, filling in the empty void of yearning what our goal is here on Earth. What we are supposed to achieve in the short time and what we are meant to fulfill.

I think it is safe to assume more of us do not have a clue what our higher purpose is here, or where to begin. This is where Meditation can open the mind and Nature can show the symbiotic relationship we have with Her. This is vital in understanding our purpose here.

If all of us were able to obtain the knowledge and answers we seek to fulfill our spiritual longing, then we would be more driven and motivated to go do more with our lives then chatting about silly gossip, staying angry over petty fights, or dwelling on superficial issues. We now would all share a common goal and focus for the greater good.

Millions, even billions of people connected to strive in reaching the Divine, or peace. Talk about elevating our energies and happiness!

“You may not be a person of faith, but there are billions of people on this planet who are. There are approximately 2.2 billion Christians, 1.6 billion Muslims, 1 billion Hindus, 500 million Buddhists, 400 million followers of folk or traditional religions, and 14 million Jews.” (NPR, April 2, 2015)

Faiths and ideologies do not matter if they differ because it is our diversity that makes us unique, yet in that diversity we see the commonalities in the lessons each faith is trying to instill, like love, hope, tolerance, a belief in something more, and compassion.

This is not necessarily about a Deity, but a means to reach a goal of peace and harmony without religious connotations behind it. If you use Meditation as a spiritual tool believing in Source, then your fulfillment might be the realization that the purpose you have is instilled by the creator, and what made us, our spirit, souls, ability to experience love and stop hurt, only comes from a Source that IS 100% love, that if we stay the course, we will ultimately return to it fulfilled.

I would like to end this entry on a beautiful, profound quote:

“The old people came literally to love the soil, and they sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling of being close to a mothering power. It was good for the skin to touch the earth, and the old people liked to remove their moccasins and walk with bare feet on the sacred earth. Their tipis were built upon the earth and their altars were made of earth. The birds that flew in the air came to rest upon the earth, and it was the final abiding place of all things that lived and grew. The soul was soothing, strengthening, cleansing, and healing. This is why the old Indian still sits upon the earth instead of propping himself up and away from its life-giving forces. For him, to sit or lie upon the ground is to be able to think more deeply and to feel more keenly. He can see more clearly into the mysteries of life and come closer in kinship to other lives about him.” (Chief Luther Standing Bear, Teton Sioux Tribe, 1868)

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