Meditate with Nature

Nature is the tranquil place that we can escape to in order to bring us back, connect with our bodies, and bring about a quiet mind. I always say to my clients, if you are not meditating and working on your mind in conjunction with your body, you are leaving out half the equation to heal.

When people think of wellness, their thoughts usually go straight to exercise, and hopefully diet and nutrition too. Of course these are vital in our lives, but the one key element that is far too overlooked is the mental component.

When Nature becomes an element in our daily lives, especially in meditation, it brings us to be more receptive to the natural world. We are able to feel the mysterious powerful healing it provides, and not just the beauty we may see.

By sitting and watching the landscape, swaying grasses, vibrant flowers, magnificent trees, sounds of birds singing, and the busy body insects threading new webs, or pollenating away, we understand how to learn from nature’s examples and metaphors to improve our life. Being in Nature is where we are intended to be.

Meditating in nature puts us in tune with the elements of the Earth, and by acknowledging its presence, we become more open to experiencing a higher state of consciousness and connection to our Spirituality. I love to show others how to tune themselves inward. Once we can be in the present moment and be mindful, then we can gradually include our senses.

Let’s start with hearing- the duets that birds may sing in their dance, the water of a creek nearby, the sound of wind, the cicadas on a warm day, all without getting too lost in the sound’s source. Next, we use our sense of touch and feel and Earth under our feet, the wind gently touching us, and maybe a butterfly that lands on our hand. Now let’s bring our eyes into the mix and use this as a way to stay grounded and support the present moment of being aware.

We are heightening our sensitivity level, quieting our minds, and opening them to receive whatever message we may need. Nature can lure our attention in a positive way from all the chaos and drama of our lives, and immerse us into the contemplative presence of the creation all around us. When we become aware, but not lost, in meditation, then the healing effects begin. The stressful aspects of life unveil themselves as just one small part that we hold in a much bigger picture of existence.

Expose yourself and be receptive to the answers that lie in something much greater than us. Do not just leave your footprints on land that is impressionable, but give back by taking care of it, yourself, others, and all the creatures that inhabit the planet. Understand that the greatest thing you can do for yourself, is not just what you do for your body, but also what you do with your mind.

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