Make Your Chores into a Ritual!

When people think of ritual, I think a dark image comes to their mind. Probably because that word has been misused and associated with in our society. Although some rituals may involve a dark cloak and chanting away, we perform them daily and don’t even know it.

When I wake, I immediately let my dogs out, brush my teeth, fill their food bowls, and clean the kitty litter. Then proceed to make my decaf. Blah!- how can that be fun everday?
Well it is, and here’s why. Rituals are a way of celebrating what has been given to you. These are ways we give back to those that heal us, and by doing so the circle continues. Rituals can reduce stress by entering your own sacred space and honoring all around you, including yourself.

Rituals increase your sense of self, accepting and nurturing your spirit, and reduce feelings of helplessness. This is a time when you can take time to reinforce compassion for yourself and the beings that give you love you.

But I hate pulling weeds! I talk to many people who hate it, but then there are others who really enjoy it. The common answer is, it just relaxes me. So break out a nice cup of coffee, or wine, and get out there and start pulling the weeds. Because by doing so, you are giving back to the Earth where we came from, and it especially needs our attention more than ever now.

So next time you feed the animals or change the litter, you are creating a healthy space for the little ones that depend on us, and you will get more in tune with your inner self and awareness of all around us. These are wonderful rituals to be a part of and be thankful for!

You deserve to stop whatever you are doing in exhaustion for others, and take this time for self-healing. Know that by taking care of yourself, you are directly taking care of what is all around you. Abusing yourself is abusing everything that enters your life.

So smile every morning when you change the litter, or pull weeds, because the greatest way to heal, is to give back and know you are a part of something much greater then we will ever fully understand.

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  1. M L on April 14, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    Beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration this morning. More inspired to do what I must to keep our home running….

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